Wifi Media Sync

Available for Android, WebOS, and Kindle Fire!

Wifi Media Sync allows you to sync your music, pictures, videos, and documents wirelessly to your tablet or phone from your Windows or Mac via Wi-Fi connection, and send files to your PC or Mac from your tablet or phone! Just install the client software on your PC, choose which folders you wish to sync, and the rest is done from your device! Music, pictures, and videos are accessible through your device's standard software as well viewable on any PC you plug your device into.


Now available for PC and Mac OS X!

Mac OS X Client:

Download Wifi Media Sync Mac OS X Client


Windows PC Client:

Download Wifi Media Sync PC Client

  • Microsoft Windows XP SP3/Vista/ and Windows 7 compatible
  • Microsoft.NET 3.5
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 10 Mb of hard drive space
  • Wi-Fi to your PC connectivity is required via a wireless access point. Connecting to your PC over Internet is not supported.


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